Dash Removal Instructions 1984 - 1989

Corvette Digital Cluster


Broken Display Cluster

To remove dash cluster:

1) Disconnect battery ground cable.

2) Remove headlight knob.

3) Remove steering column trim cover.

4) Remove steering column attach bolts and lower column.

5) Remove cluster bezel front and left side attaching screws.

6) Carefully remove cluster bezel from instrument panel.

7) Remove four cluster attaching bolts (7mm) two at the top outboard corners and two at bottom by steering column.

7a) Place a large bath towel over steering column and iginition key to keep from breaking the tach display.

8) Pull cluster rearward for access to the electrical connectors on the right side. Metal retaining clips are located at backside of connector and there may be a screw holding the connector to the cluster. Be careful not to hit or put pressure on the displays as this will break them.

9) Remove cluster from instrument panel.

10) Installation is the reverse of the removal process.




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