Repairs of 1984 - 1996 clusters start at $180

Shipping for repaired clusters = $30
(Shipping avalable in US only)


Extra cost for replacement of defective 1984 - 89 LCD display is
$125 each there are 3 displays.
If 1990 - 96 dash has broken LCD display it cannot be repaired.

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Digital Dash Repairs:


1990 Broken LCD

(Broken LCD display)

1996 Fixed LCD

(Repaired LCD display)

1984 Digital Cluster Sunburned
(Sunburned digital display cluster)


1984 Digital Cluster Repaired
(Repaired digital display cluster)


Digital Power Supply

(Normal repair includes the replacement of the power supply with a new state of the art power supply.

The original technology is over thirty years old and often results in the failure of your display.)

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